In last year it became evident that many of our foreign clients had a plenty of questions related to employment in Serbia. As always we try to bring the right information. This time we provide few important notes regarding this hectic topic.

Serbian national Assembly adopted at the of November 2014, with majority of votes Law on employment of foreigners that provides equal rights to work and employment for foreign nationals and citizens of Serbia. According to the National Employment Service in this moment in Serbia officially works about 2,500 foreigners, but we strongly believe that real number is higher.

According to the Act conclusion of a temporary work with foreign nationals may be for a period not longer than three months in a calendar year, while the foreign national in Serbia will be able to stay longer than 90 days due to family reunification.

Temporary residence/stay may be granted to a foreign national who intends to stay in Serbia longer than 90 days due to labor, employment, performance of economic or other professional activities, training, study or research, practical training, participation in the international trade specialization.

The law exclusively regulates the possibility of hiring foreign nationals and stateless persons with approval for the establishment of such employment.

The exception to this rule is in the case of performing professional duties stipulated by the contract on business cooperation, long term production cooperation, and technology transfer and foreign investment.

Approval for employment gives the organization in charge of employment, unless the foreign citizen has been previously approved for permanent or temporary residence/stay.

The quota for foreigners in case of disturbances on the labor market will be regulated in accordance with migration policy and the situation and trends on the labor market and to the proposal of the ministry in charge for employment with the prior opinion Social-Economic Council.

Should you have any further questions regarding this topic, you are welcome to contact us.