Legal Services

Wide range of legal services focused on client's needs

Law Office Obradović & Vulović provides legal assistance in accordance with the Law on Advocacy and the Code of Ethics, including: provision of legal advice and opinions; representation of natural and legal persons before the courts and other state bodies; defence in criminal trails; defence of juveniles in criminal proceedings; representation of victims in criminal proceedings, representation of individuals and legal entities in their legal affairs as well as performing other legal aid on the basis of which these persons exercise a right; drafting complaints, appeals, applications, petitions and other pleadings; drafting contracts, wills, statements, general and individual acts and other documents; incorporation of companies; Representing the Agency for Business Registers (enrollment and registration of changes in companies).

Particularly, but not exclusively, we provide legal services in the following areas:

Commercial Law

Commercial law covers an area of commercial law and corporate law.

Contract law

The contract is the binding rule for the contracting parties and enables the implementation of business ideas that  participants in the business wanted to achieve.

Property law

Commercial law covers an area of commercial law and corporate law.

Intellectual property law

Intellectual property is the subject of protection of intellectual rights. Intellectual property is not a concrete, material ownership of an object, but a right or a set of competencies that the legal system of the country recognized to the holder of intellectual property rights.

Indemnification and insurance

In relation to insurance we help clients  to prepare the necessary documents for property and life insurance, we represent clients in disputes relating to insurance, we advise on the drafting of agreements out of court settlement.


Energy Law

Following modern trends in providing legal services it became necessary to our team through collaboration with clients and business associates to enter in this field.



Family and Inheritance Law

Family law defines the concept of marriage and regulate marriage and family relationships, as well as the institution of adoption.



Criminal Law

In matters of criminal law, we provide defence in pre-trial and criminal proceedings, including advising clients in connection with the conclusion of agreements on the recognition of the crime.




Labour Law

Labour law is the name for a set of legal rules governing the formation, content and termination, as well as the legal status of subjects of labour law.





Status of foreign nationals

We help clients to better protect and exercise their rights under the law – visa procedures, residence, permanent residence of foreigners, asylum …