Interviews and appearances
On this page you can watch various interviews and appearances by our legal team in several Serbian media.
borivoje obradovic advokat gostovanje tv nova feb 2022

“Probudi se” morning show, TV Nova; Feb 10th 2022
Topic: Compensation for the damages caused by potholes

“Mi danas” show, TV K1; Feb 3rd 2022
Topic: Data mishandling and identity theft 

Morning show, TV Pink; Aug 4th 2017
Topic: Unauthorized usage of photography

Morning show, TV Pink; Aug 8th 2016
Topic: Brand and commercial usage of IP
Segment from the Buyers advisor show, RTS; Mar 1st 2015
Topic: Registration of vehicles purchased in USA
Morning show, TV Pink; July 12th 2016
Topic: Intellectual property (IP)

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