In last year it became evident that many of our clients had a need for issuance of a temporary stay in Serbia. Therefore, we have prepared several useful tips.

For submitting of request for approval of temporary stay it is necessary to enclose the following:

  • valid travel document
  • notification of flat
  • two photographs (4 x 3 cm, colored, enface)
  • filled forms (three copies)
  • proof of paid submission fee for stay

Temporary stay can be authorized to a foreign citizen if he/she, along with request, encloses proof:

  • that he/she has enough means to support himself/herself;
  • that he/she has health insurance (Please note:  from our experience that proof is not always necessary);
  • justification of the request (Please note:  Temporary stay in accordance with purpose of temporary stay that can be authorized to a foreign citizen which intends to stay in the Republic of Serbia longer than 90 days.)

Depending upon basis for temporary stay, it is required to enclose the different documentation. Those bases for stay are:

  • Foundation of company, branch or bank
  • Foundation i.e. ownership of independent business (commercial, handcraft, catering industry etc.) or agency
  • Consignation, Agreement on Business Cooperation, Agreement on Business-Technical Cooperation and Transfer of Technologies
  • Setting up of the employment
  •  For citizens of former SFRY republics that set up employment as domestic citizens
  • Carrying out of temporary and occasional jobs (up to 90 days)
  • Foreign athletes
  • Marriage with citizen of the Republic of Serbia
  • Common-law marriage with citizen of the Republic of Serbia
  • Kinship with the citizen of the Republic of Serbia
  • Private visit
  • Family member of foreign citizen staying temporary
  • Accredited journalists
  • Engagement at NGOs
  • Foreign priests
  • Education-studying-language studying
  • Training and practice
  • Highly professional specialization
  • Employment of Lector and Professor at University
  • Work at foreign Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts and private visit to Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts personnel
  • Medical Treatment
  • Officers of international institutions (World Bank, IMF…) and consultant companies engaged on realization in cooperation with other state bodies
  • Property of residential or business structure
Feel free to contact us personally or via e-mail, after which we will provide you with the exact value of the taxes and our legal fee.