During the past few years, we have noticed that our law office often provided services for the newly incorporated companies (startups), both domestic and foreign, ranging from incorporation, setting up company seat, providing director to various consulting and business support services.

These newly established companies during the period of registration and while waiting for the approval of the project funds or transfer of funds/initial capital, mainly sought various options for regular operating and, at the same time, tried to reduce expenses. LLC or under Serbian law known as DOO are broadly used by investors in Serbia (domestic as well as foreign) for holding, property or trading companies. Therefore, we have focused our attention on this area and managed to help our clients find the optimal solution for their business needs.

AOV have decided to help all newly established companies, providing on a regular basis following services:

Virtual office – this service includes company seat, telephone/fax number, message forwarding.  Additionally, we can help set up initial online presence including internet domain, hosting and web site development.

Corporate office –  in addition to these services, we perform the following:

  • preparation of corporate documents
  • preparation of documents and opening bank accounts
  • notarization of documents
  • change of name / seat of the company, changes of directors,
  • increase / decrease of capital,
  • amendment of articles of association
  • preparing documents and opening a corporate bank account
  • applying to the Registrar of the companies for additional corporate documents
  • voluntary liquidation

Office representatives –  this service includes representatives of company, mainly directors and owners of the company, both natural or legal entity. We also provide services of a payment provider, signatory of tax returns and annual accounts.

In addition to these services which are our main focus, due to strategic partnership with carefully chosen companies from various business niches, we are able to offer full business support ranging from market research over to business plans and detailed marketing strategies.

Since we are fully aware that each client has individual requirements and specific business needs, our services are custom tailored to client’s preferences. Our goal is to provide a turnkey solution for all your legal and business needs.

We are certain that with these services, we can make starting business in Serbia easier and more effective. For additional information, our law office is at your disposal.